Help! change in tempo caused Dorico to not make my files available

I accidentally put in the tempo as 724 instead of 74. It caused all tempos to change to this very fast speed. I tried to close the file and restart it. Still the same. I close Dorico and now it will not show any of my files as accessible.

It also closed without clearing out all of the open files. They are just sitting on my computer. They won’t open properly.

If you would like to upload one (or more) of the problem files to this forum, others will be able to investigate and hopefully offer some advice on how to recover from this situation.

Paige, don’t panic: changing the tempo in one of your projects can’t break Dorico or break all of your other projects. It sounds like maybe Dorico didn’t quit cleanly and so it can’t start up again.

The simplest way to get back to a clean slate is to restart your computer. You can then be sure that any processes that are hanging around will have exited, so you should be able to restart Dorico.

Thanks. I restarted my computer after force quitting Dorico. That worked.