HELP Changes in plugins through AudioGridder are not being saved by Cubase

Any help would be appreciated on this.

I am using Cubase 11 on a fully speced out 2013 Mac Trashcan (12 Core - Max Ram - Etc…). I am running an AudioGridder Server on a 2nd dedicated fully maxed out 2013 Mac Pro Traschan. System runs without any glitches except for the following:

When I open any plugin through Audiogridder and make changes to the chosen plugin UI in the Audiogridder window…cubase will not save the changes I make unless I move my mouse to the top of the Audiogridder window, away from the plugin UI and then click my mouse…ONLY THEN IT WILL ALLOW ME TO SAVE IN CUBASE.

I already tried to turn on and off the Always On Top Option when using the Audio Gridder Plugin but that didn’t work.

Any suggestions please?



I’m sorry, I don’t know the Audiogridder (nice to learn something new). Doesn’t it save/transfer the data only in the case, you described?

Steinberg really needs to look at Audiogridder because there are lots of unhappy users who are thinking of switching to other DAWs because of CPU, audio dropouts or stability issues.

See this YT video and the comments below :

For Cubase 14 I have NO INTEREST in additional compressors or EQs or vocal chains or other GAS-gimmicks. I want performance enhancement, stability.
And real songwriting improvements with chord pads as well as better drum maps management.
And an LFO Tools built in the Inspector :smiley: