help choose laptop for cubase 8 and other similar audio soft

hello guys,
so i am searchin for a latop to run cubase 8 and other simialr audio programmes. i have already seen system requirements, but i would like to hear actual user opinions about the issue. so here are my questins:

1.which CPU is better for cubase 8? intel i3 4030u, OR Pentium N3530 or AMD A4-5000. how much effect does cpu have on cubase? (what would you suggest)

  1. is 4 gb ram enough if i do not stress the program too much. i need dedicated graphics card?

Should i but my bucks in more ram rather then cpu?

THANKS ALL FOR SUPPORT :slight_smile: feel free to share your opinions about the issue :slight_smile:

  1. CPU is the main component that determines Cubase performance when it comes to plugins. A better CPU can handle more plugins. I’m not well educated on the current market for laptop CPU’s but for desktops intel i5/i7 are preferred over AMD offerings and Intel Pentiums aren’t even sold anymore afaik;)
  2. 4GB ram should be fine if you’re not using too many samples. If your budget is tight I think you’ll benefit more from putting that money into a better CPU than into extra RAM.
  3. Not really, most CPU’s these days have an integrated graphics chip that’s more than sufficient to run Cubase.

It does depend a bit on your typical project though. If you want to record many audio tracks simultaneously you may need a faster harddrive than what’s in most laptops.

Performance benchmarks for all mentioned processors can be found here:
i3 wins hands down.

Thank you guys :slight_smile: you helped me much :slight_smile: