Help choosing new software/compatibility issues?

I’m pretty new to a lot of the equipment and software here. I was given a Zoom H4 a few years back, which of course came packaged with Cubase LE, though I don’t know which version. I have since lost the disc for Cubase LE. (I can’t even go to that forum for help, because I didn’t have internet access when I got the equipment and never got around to registering it)

Without Cubase LE, my recorder seems to be unable to export the audio files to my computer. I’m…not sure if this is operator difficulty, or if it just doesn’t work without Cubase software. I was thinking about buying new software anyway, but I don’t want to buy anything if it won’t be compatible with my hardware.

Any help?

The H4 most likely had software that allowed you to import your files directly into Cubase LE. Normally in your type of setup you can USB your tracks either directly to your computer or they have software that will convert the tracks into wav files that you can copy to your computer. You then take the .wav files and drag them into Cubase or use the import function in Cubase.

If connecting your H4 to your USB port makes it show up as a mass storage drive, and you can see the tracks as .wav files, or anything compatible to Cubase, you should be able to drag them directly into Cubase from the H4. I used to use the Fostex Mr16 in the same way. Fostex had their own software to download at their site, which exported the files from the MR16 to the computer and back, and would convert them into the appropriate format for each direction.