Help - Coming from Vista 32-bit to Windows 64-bit!!!

I just bought a new computer with windows 7 64-bit. Intel i7 quad core 3.4 ghz processor with 8 gigs of RAM. I have both Cubase 32-bit and 64-bit installed do to the incompatability with some of my older plug-ins. I have three Firepods daisy chained.

It doesn’t matter which one I am running, but I am getting a popping sound during playback. I can’t tell if it’s recording since playback has it, I can’t really tell. I noticed that this popping sound is in sync with the midi output meter. Every time the meter goes up, the pop happens. I disconnected everything midi and it’s still there.

On another note, I am experiencing the ASIO performance meter is sitting abnormally high and fluctuating quite rapidly. My old system (Vista 32-bit, dual core, 4 gigs RAM) didn’t experience this at all. The only time I had an ASIO performance issue was when a project got extrememly plug-in heavy. Now I can’t really seem to have more than one or two plug-ins. I am extremely confused since, according to the specs of my computer, it should be handling everything at a much greater copacity.

I am also posting this on the Presonus forums to see if any of this is related to my hardware.

P.S. I am running my Firepods into a Dynex PCI firewire adapter, while my old system had a firewire port onboard.

You need to determine if the firewire chipset is Texas Instrument or not.

I don’t believe it is. I think that it’s an LSI chipset. Why is this important?

Because different FireWire chipsets are not created equal. Some are better for multitrack low-latency realtime audio applications than others. Usually TI chipsets are considered to be good ones.

But it’s not that simple: my TASCAM DM-4800 (with FireWire option) does NOT like some TI chipsets, but is recommended to be used with VIA or Adaptec chipsets. You should consult your audio interface manufacturer for what they recommend.

Well, I have run several tests. The OHCI test shows that my firewire card (LSI chipset) is compantible. I ran a latency test and that is showing poor results but I can’t figure out why. I have disabled so many things in windows as well as any other audio driver that I don’t use or need. I am running out of ideas. I have all of the latest updates for the firepods as well as the latest firmware. When I only have one firepod connected it will sync with my computer immediately but I still have audio issues. When I have all three daisy chained, they almost never sync up at all.

My firewire card has three ports and I was wondering if the firepods have to be daisy chained or if they can all three be directly linked to the card?

Presonus kit REQUIRES Texas Instruments IEEE1394 chipsets.

OHCI means nothing.

Okay, I will return this card and exchange it for another. Any suggestions as to what brand/model I should get, or should I just get something with a TI chipset?

It turns out that you don’t need to have a TI chipset. There are several that are compatable with the Firepods. I went with a firewire card with the VIA - VT6306 chipset. I probably had a compatable card the first time around anyway. I had the exact same issues when I got this one in. The whole issue was caused by my wireless adapter. While running a latency test and disabling devices in the device manager, I came across the wireless adapter and when I disabled it, my latency went from over 3,000 micro seconds to around 100. After installing the proper drivers, the problem was resolved and I am able to be connected to the internet while recording (not that I need to, but it’s nice to not have to disable hardware everytime I have to record.)