HELP!!!! Computer Crashed, Had to reformat, now, it won't let me reactivate dorico 2

So, a while back, I bought Dorico Educational from sweetwater, and activated that with elisencer. However, I bought the upgrade to Dorico 2 earlier this month, and was currently in the process of downloading it, when my computer required issues that caused windows to have to be reinstalled. Now, I have reinstalled elisencer, and am trying to at least reactivate the lisence, but it won’t let me because there is no Dorico 1 lisence (which has been activated before my computer was reformatted!!!) but now, I can not use my lisence activation code, with Dorico 1 because it is “not there anymore”.

I was told that I should use the reactivation workflow to reactivate the lisence, but I can not find my new serial number. I click registration on the software, and it just says “register at” or something like that.

I would really appreciate you guys’ help. I do not know what to do. I need to reclaim my licenses.

Sorry to hear you’ve had these problems! Probably the easiest solution is for us to simply swap your Dorico 2 update activation code for a new one, so that you can install Dorico 2 without first having to reinstall Dorico 1. If you email me your Dorico 2 update purchase information to d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de I’ll take care of this for you.

Thank you! Well, after digging into research, the problem was with m eLisencer. The eLisencer for some reason did not download with its own serial number. That was taken care of and the reactivation then was a piece of cake.