Help: Computer upgrade


I recently upgraded my computer as my old one simply was too crappy to be able to support Cubase (it was a dinosaur!)
But Cubase licencing prevents me from finalising installation on the new computer!!! :imp:
How do I install the Cubase on the new computer, the licence will not allow me to upload on the new computer?
Surely I can some how remove the old licence or something.

Help, new computer close to being thrown out window… off to play Gibson to calm nerves.


Now if you can provide some useful info, about which version of Cubase you want to install on what OS, you might eventually get some useful info.

Sure, looking back that was a brain fart…

Cubase LE 6 Elements on Windows 8.

Hope that helps?

Log into your “mySteinberg” account and follow the steps explained under software re-activation…

I have Win7 on my new computer end u i have the same problem. E-licenser will not give me a new reg code? It says that i already ar registered? Wtf!! :frowning: Place some one help me… I have a old Dongle whit a Sim card in but i cant open it end transfer the code to the new Dongle? Lars W from Sweden/Stockholm Happy new yaer to you all… :smiley: