Help! converting midi to audio via external keyboard

Hello, I am using cubase AI 4 rawith a Yamaha S90 keyboard device.

I’d like to know how do you guys convert the midi tracks you recorded into audio tracks directly in cubase ?

My midi track output is the yamaha - so i can play back in cubase and hear the yamaha’s sounds - but I can’t seem to link the yamaha keyboard as an input to the audio track i want to create.

I’ve also tried exporting the sole midi track in .wav via cubase, but the file has no sound… The only way i found so far is to record track by track on a usb device plugged on the yamaha, then copy them one by one in cubase. But it’s very long and it often bugs out…

Please let me know if there is a simpler solution you know of! Cheers.

You might have already figured this out, but for the sake of posterity I’ll briefly answer your question anyway:

Basically, a MIDI signal is merely the digital information telling an instrument “what to play”, i.e. what sound to generate in terms of note, length, modulation etc. It does not itself contain any sound as such.

In order to make use of a MIDI signal in classic hardware applications, you need to plug the MIDI cable into an instrument, that can then generate a sound using the information - as if you pressed a key. In DAW tech, the same principles apply: your MIDI track merely contains the information (not the sound) which you can then route to an instrument using a MIDI output bus and a cable - or route to a virtual instrument inside Cubase using one of the internal MIDI channels.
For this, you’ll need to create an instrument track and load a virtual instrument into it - Steinberg’s own HALion for instance. You then route your MIDI track’s output channel to the instrument track’s input channel - et voilà! your instrument will generate sounds from the information. Alternatively, you could also copy the MIDI data from the MIDI track to the instrument track, but this would usually make you far less flexible.