Help converting my old projects (.ALL) to .cpr -- I only have Cubase 12 license, no USB key

Hi All, just got back into the Cubase world and recently got Artist 12. Unfortunately my old projects in .ALL can’t be converted w my setup.

Tech support suggested I ask on here in case anyone can convert my files for me. I’ve got about 12 that need someone to use Cubase SE to import and do a save as into the new project format.

Let me know if you can help me out!



Just to add to my note, I’m totally cool saying “thanks” via $50 Amazon gift card if that helps compensate for someone’s time



just as an FYI:

Thanks for that. I went through the process but unfortunately since I’m running Windows 11, tech support said that process won’t work for me…plus needed Artist 11 or older for e-license …

And hence I’m here asking for help :slight_smile:

Cubase SE 3 runs on Windows 11. But yes, you need the USB dongle. Good luck, hope you find someone to help you.

Let me know if you can help me out!

Hi Joe.

Not sure if this helps but I do have SX3, CB4 and 5 installed on one of my systems for when I purchased CB9 and wanted to see how far Steinberg had come on with Cubase.

Let us know if any of these versions are of any use.


SX3 can do the job. Unless the *.all files were created with Atari. Then you first need to load and save them in for instance VST5 before you can convert them to *.cpr in SX3.

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Thank you Nickledome, duly noted.
I’ll just wait for Joe to respond and take it from there.

Hi Prim, thanks for your reply on this!

Based on the website, I think SX3 will work for converting the files as I had used VST/32 to create them. Let me know if you’d be up for trying out one file to test the theory and we can go from there?

Hey Joe, that would be perfectly OK, but please bare in mind that the other PC with the required CB version is at another location but I hope to be going there sometime this week.

I’m not too sure on how you would like to to proceed with this (never communicated this way before) so your guidance on how I may receive the file would be much appreciated.

Hey Prim and Joe, just wondering if you found a solution to converting these old .arr projects? I’ve got a similar problem. I have several old .arr projects that I’m trying to access. I just purchased a usb e-license dongle, thinking it would allow me to use SX3 or SE3, but no such luck. Please let me know if you could help! TIA!

Hi JDS308 and welcome to the forums.

I may be able to assist you. How many projects do you have that need converting?

I can’t guarantee anything, since I’ve upgraded my system to Windows 11 after helping out Joe and I haven’t attempted to use SX3 as yet. Also SX3 is on another PC at a different location, so it’s a matter of when I’m there.

PM me and I’ll see what I can do.

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Hey, thanks very much for responding! As it turns out, I was able to get SX3 running on an old G4 Mac and was able to export my projects to .cpr format.

If anyone else comes accros the need to do this, hit me up and I would be happy to help them!

Great to hear you got it all sorted.

Good luck.