HELP: Copy/Paste issue with Dorico 3.5

I’ve just upgraded to Dorico 3.5 and started working on an orchestral score.

I’ve noticed a very annoying and strange behavior when copy and pasting (also when using the explode function).
i.e.: when I say write a melody into the BassClarinet staff and then copy it to Flute1 staff (using cmd+c/cmd+v), Dorico seems to copy the melody into a new voice (in the Flute staff) and this messes up the prior Flute part, creating all these additional rests and inverted stems (which only disappear again if I delete the freshly copied part again).
This also happened when I exploded a Horn part to 4 individual Horns; it just does it with 2 of the horns; sort of inserting them into a second voice.

I’m not able to make out a pattern behind this… sometimes copy/paste works and sometimes it doesn’t and it messes up the parts written before…
I have no idea; maybe there is a setting that fixes this? Or maybe it’s a bug? Maybe there’s something I’m missing here?.. copy paste worked always perfectly in Dorico 3.

Please help! It’s very frustrating and it keeps me from working… because I can’t copy and paste stuff… I can’t possibly rewrite everything just because copy and paste doesn’t work properly… and I sort of have to be able to trust the copy/paste function without controlling whether that has just messed up the rest of the score…

Thank you for your help!!

Paste Special will allow you to paste into the voice of your choice, and there is also a highlight-and-right-click context menu option (Voices) that allow you to switch notes from one voice to another.

We’d likely need to see an example (screenshot, sample file) of what you are getting when you explode to give more info there.

Dear Derrek

Thank you for your answer. The Paste Special Option seems to provide a workaround around the copy/paste problem; namely when I chose ‘Paste into Downstem-Voice 1’… this way, the problem doesn’t occur… which is inexplicable to me, but works for now… so, thanx for that!

The explode function still behaves a little funky (see screenshot; on the right the exploded part highlighted, on the left the messed up parts (only the top three staves). But I think I can work around that problem using the ‘extend-carrot-down-function’ when inputting notes instead of the explode function.

I’m kind of suspecting that there is something faulty with the particular project file that I’m working on, because I built the whole score around a piano sketch that was a musicXML file first and then saved it as doric file… so, maybe some of the weird behavior is due to the musixXML… I don’t know… it’s just a thought, because I don’t think Dorico would normally behave like that.

It also seems like Dorico is copying some music in different voices when the music comes form a lower (or different) range source instrument than the target one… shouldn’t be the case though, just seems like it…

Many thanks… apart from the little issue I’m just having, I think Dorico is fantastic! :wink:)

If you imported your project via MusicXML, then it’s certainly possible for you to end up with a different disposition of voices than if you had input the music yourself directly in Dorico. You can sort it out relatively easily, though: I suggest you switch on View > Note and Rest Colors > Voice Colors, which will help you to show where different voices are being used. You can work your way through the flute part selecting a passage at a time, then choosing Edit > Voice > Change Voice > Up-stem Voice 1.

Thank you, Daniel. Your support is very much appreciated!