Help, Copy whole mixer settings for VST instruments to another project?

Hi there,
I’m currently on Cubase 10.5,
My friend and I both write music from a template I made, but I have a problem.
I’ve mixed my track and now I need to mix his with near enough similar settings.

I’ve managed to utilise the import from track archive option, and I copy the channel and inspector settings, and it copies all the channel and EQ settings which is great. But the only problem, it also copies the VST instrument exactly to the loaded instrument.

For instance, if we’re both using an acoustic guitar vst instrument,
My template : selects flamenco style strum
His template : selects indie acoustic strum

It will paste my instrument selection over his. Even though it is the same VST Instrument loaded which is absolutely fine, it is also pasting the style of strum (patch?) over it too (sorry dont know the correct term for it lol)

I only want to be able to copy and paste all of the inserts really from the mixer, and not the VST instrument.
Is there a way to do this?
I cant do the select all channels and save as, doesnt work with VST I believe.
I’m racking my brains for options for an easier way to import his track to mix, but I’m struggling, any help will be appreciated!

I also wondered if you could potentially copy and paste snapshots to other projects but from what I can find snapshots are only within a single project and cant be imported to other projects

Hi and welcome on the forum,

If you would use Audio track, you could use the Save Selected Channels from the MixConsole and load it to the other project. But this doesn’t work for the Instrument tracks. It also work for the Instrument Track’s Audio Returns, if you are using Multi-outs of the Instrument Track.

I’m afraid, this is also not possible by using the Import Tracks From Project feature. You have an option to import the Channel and Inspector Settings, which includes the Instrument itself.

The MixConsole Snapshots are within the project.