Help creating a macro to close insert as soon as another is opened

I’m trying to have only one plugin window open at a time. When I switch to another plugin, I want the last plugin window to close automatically. Because this isn’t a feature in Cubase, I’m hoping that one of you can help me find a work-around via macro, or even by using BOME MIDI Translator Pro.

What are the series of steps that I need to automate to be able to close an insert window automatically when the next plugin is in focus?

I have “Edit Plugin” mapped to a controller button, which opens the plugin in the selected insert slot. I also have “Previous Insert Effect” and “Next Insert Effect” mapped to other buttons.

Alas, there is no button to close the insert when another insert is opened.


You can Close All Plug-in Windows. But by doing this, you loose the focus, so Cubase doesn’t know, which plug-in to open after, I’m afraid.

How did you setup the remote? Using the assistant or by scripting?

I setup the remote in the MIDI Remote editor from scratch, then I did the buttons like this:

I’m looking to make a macro that closes the plugin (with the edit plugin command since it’s a toggle open/close function), switches to the next insert slot, and then opens the newly selected plugin with the “edit plugin” command again.

I went to Edit–>Key Commands, then Macros section, but now I can’t find “Edit Plugin” as a command choice in the Macros.

In a nutshell, I want to map the following 3 commands to a single button:

I’m not sure this can be accomplished via macros, however since you’ve mentioned Bome MIDI Translator Pro, here’s a way to do this:

  • Assign one button (say MIDI CC 24) to @Martin.Jirsak 's suggestion : Windows→Close All Plug-in Windows

  • Another button (CC 25) to Selected Track→Insert & Strip Effects→Inserts Viewer→Actions→Next Insert Effect

  • Another button (CC26) to Selected Track→Insert & Strip Effects→Inserts Viewer→Edit Plug-in

  • and finally a button (CC27) for Selected Track→Insert & Strip Effects→Inserts Viewer→Actions→Previous Insert Effect

Now the trick is that using BMT we can assign the CC of our choice to multiple ones and apply some delay in order for things to work properly.

Here’s an example of such setup:

Just checked it here and it works as expected. Note that I used shortcuts, but you obviously have to use your real controller’s MIDI CCs.

(Sorry for being analytic in the section of bindings, I know you got them right, but it will be helpful for other users searching for something like this)

Now, if you were into scripting, it would be trivial to prepare a solution without the need of BMT (or other translators).


Thanks @m.c - I can use BMT that way instead of doing the macro inside of Cubase.

I am into scripting actually, only I’ve never done one in Cubase before. Only Kontakt instruments and some C# in Unity for game dev stuff.

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