Help creating percussion key on instrumentation page


Long time Finale user switching to Dorico. I’ve been able to figure out and work out just about everything I need in terms of my typical workflow except for one thing. I’d like to add a percussion key to my instrumentation page as many composers do to help both specify instrument choice and placement on the staff.

Currently, I have been able to get my project in Dorico to a state wherein the key is present on the page, but much too small because it is showing the huge page with a small percussion key on it.

I would like to be able to size up the key I created. Currently, my image is a music frame pulled from another flow where I created the key. Because my score required a small staff size, my initial flow is set to a small staff size, but this appears to be project wide with no way for me to correct it in my new flow which consists of only this percussion key, meaning it is a one measure dot on a giant blank page.

Is there a way to change the staff size per flow or to simply zoom into an existing music frame?

Loving using Dorico so far, but this is an important feature for me and I’d really like to figure it out.

I appreciate your help,

Welcome to the forum Josac! The staff size that you set in Setup > Layout Options > Page Setup does indeed apply to all flows in the layout. As your percussion key is coming from a separate flow (that I’m guessing doesn’t appear anywhere else, like at the end of the layout?) you can change just its staff size to something more suitable - in this case, scaling it up to maybe 200-300% of its original? Or alternatively, set a system/frame break at the start of the percussion key and change the staff size from there.

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You solved it right away. Thanks so much for the help.


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You’re most welcome! I hope you continue to enjoy getting into Dorico, and always feel free to ask any questions you have - there’s a lot of nice people here who are ready & happy to help :slight_smile: