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Daniel and all,

I’m notating Rachmaninov’s 3rd Piano Concerto - 2nd Movement and I’m struggling to understand how the cross staff beaming works.

In the following example


I’ve created a blank piano score in Dorico, assigned the key signature, then…

1,. Entered a tuplet of 6:4 for the default voice (right hand)
2. Entered a tuplet of 6:4 for the default voice (left hand)

The inner voice can be written as a 3:4 triplet or 6:4 tuplet (eight note/quavers), but, regardless of whether I create this as a second voice on the right or left hand I can’t achieve the desired cross beam.

As an example, prior to cross staffing the two notes, it looks like this…

The moment I cross staff these notes I get…

Note: the Ab (first note of the second voice right hand) has now moved behind the first voice and regardless of adding the accidentals to the 2nd and 3rd notes of the second voice the don’t move into the left hand voice.

All in all (and this has given me different results from the score I’m working up) I don’t understand if I cross staff the notes from the top (right hand) or bottom (left hand) staff… the best I’ve gotten is…

though the beaming does not cross beam like the original. Even if I manually adjust the beam in Engrave mode the stem is on the wrong side of the note head

Any clarity of what the process is to achieve the original image would be much appreciated.

Kind regards

It should just be a case of selecting a notehead in whichever voice and hitting F to flip the stem directions (and thus the beam).

For instance, from here (noting that I have the first low Ab highlighted):

Hit F to get this:

Correcting your two Dbs to the original pitches (and the high Anat to an Ab):

Hi Leo,

Thanks for your reply. I tried another blank score followed your steps and achieved what I needed, however, going back to my score, it still doesn’t look right (the first notes right hand are overlapping)…

I’ve attached a copy of the original dorico file (bar 48)

Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.3 (Adagio).dorico (1.2 MB)

Kind regards.

I can’t quite unpick what you’ve done here, but clearly it’s involved some dragging. Don’t drag!

  1. Select the beam in the middle (in order to select all three notes).

  2. Switch to Engrave mode.

  3. Turn off these offsets - these are the properties that record the dragging that’s previously been done:

  4. (Without clicking away from the selection) right click > Stem > Remove Forced Stem.

End result:

Note that this is the result of undoing manual adjustments; this is now showing what Dorico would have done automatically.

If you need to make some micro adjustment because you don’t like the particular slant, go ahead and drag (though probably best not to do so until the rest of the page is set in stone). For getting stems pointing in the right direction, don’t drag - Flip judiciously.

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Thank you very much. I don’t know how you do it (you must be at one with the dorico source code), but you do… you’re a superstar!

Kind regards

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