HELP: Cubase 13 No Audio Output Issue

I have Cubase LE AI Elements 13 on my Windows 11 computer. I was trying to listen to Midi on a project, and for some reason, it sounded really low, almost like every note was an octave lower. I tried googling it and could not find much. Then I thought of adding my guitar audio as an input to see if that audio was distorted as well. I set my guitar as an input, which was fairly quiet so I added an effect, upon doing so I heard it for a few seconds before it cut out and Cubase now no longer outputs any audio at all.

I tried restarting Cubase, creating a new project, restarting my computer, re-installing Cubase, changing the output, changing the driver, removing the input, etc. The whole time I could see that the stereo out was receiving audio output, yet I heard nothing. I would play the MIDI or play my instrument and it would show the audio levels in the stereo out, yet nothing would come out.

I am really confused about what could be happening, and unfortunately, this is just one of the constant issues I find while using Cubase. It took me about a minute to get things working on Reaper, so I believe this is a Cubase issue.


Try to increase your Audio Device’s Buffer Size, please.

Hello, it seems that redownloading ASIO4ALL fixed the no-sound issue. But, all midi notes still seem to sound way lower than they should. I tried increasing buffer size and it did not help. Do you know what the issue could be other than that?

I am not sure about this one but it is worth noting that some programs call the middle C note “C4”, while Cubase calls it “C3”.