Help! Cubase 32bit-64bit


My name is Daniel and I have a little issue…

I recently bought a new Mac 64bit computer and installed Cubase 5 without any complications.
Later i noticed that i have installed the 32bit version, AND that before updating to 5.5.3 i was supposed to update 5.5.0, which i DIDN’T do. So i did 2 things wrong for starters:)

So the thing is, shall i just uninstall Cubase and install everything from the beginning the right way. And if I do, what will happen to all my saved presets? will they get deleted also?
(I tried installing 5.5.0 onto 5.5.3 but no success, for example I noticed DeEsser is still missing)
And what about the projects I made, will they work or will i get some errors regarding VST:s for example or maybe the project itself.

And I can’t seem to find a 64bit version here on the website for MAC. Is there an option in the software itself?
(Btw i cant seem to find any 64bit updates on any websites, maybe thats they way MAC works idk.)

That will be all:)
Thanks for your time and answering this!


( BTW I did some research and read that there is no 64bit version for Mac OSX:( )

Steinberg help us:)

But i still need help with the update thingie problem, so case not yet closed.

Hi Daniel,
CB 32bit will work fine in a 64 bit environment. I don’t know about the version updates installation sequence but if you have to uninstall CB to correct that procedure, you can save your preferences. They can be found in your application data folder.

MAC OSX is since 10.6 64 bit-able.

in 10.6 you need to start OSX in a special way (can’t remmeber exactly but I think it was pressing ctrl during boot) to boot in 64bit mode
10.7 is 64 bit per default.

You can check that by going to systeminfo > software

But I have made the experience that it’s no problem to run cubase in a 64 bit environment…