HELP - Cubase 4 (education) - can i update


I have just installed an old version of Cubase 4.1.2
I’m not sure if there are any updates for this install, as the program link takes me to an error404 page.

I’d also like to know if I can upgrade this version?

I have an eLicense USB, but as I registered it originally in 2008 on a now redundant PC I can not remember my registration details???

oh crap :frowning:


Please PM me any email addresses that you would have used to register your Cubase 4 product back in the day.

Also, as long as you have your USB-eLicenser key with a valid Cubase 4 license on it, then you can purchase an upgrade from Cubase 4 to our current Cubase 7.5 program from our online shop below:

Thank you!