HELP! Cubase 4 To Cubase 6.5 But....


Today i have just installed cubase 4 on my pc registerd it ect…

I have just been on Syncrosoft and i saw that my dongle said next to it (educational) Cubase 4.
Does this mean that the version i bought was an educational one, all it says on the box is ( Cubase Studio 4 Music Production System)

I would now like to upgrade to 6.5 but i don’t have a clue what version i need to buy.
If i just buy the normall 6.5 from 4 upgrade will this work?


I think i have found what one i need its out of these two? are they both the same?

Although the digital village on i need to prove i am a student ect when i’m not

Yes, I believe it will.