[Help!] Cubase 5 midi automations

Hi there, I’m new on the forum. Here is the thing:

I recently started using Cubase 5 to record some demos. I’m using VST drums, bass and keyboards
and recording the guitars. I don’t have a midi controller, so I’m writing the midi instruments on Guitar Pro and
procesing them with VSTs on Cubase. I have no major problems so far, the only thing that’s really bothering me
it’s the automation of velocity and pitch bends. It happens that Cubase doesn’t “read” the pitch bends on the
midi file very accurately so I have to do some corrections, but it’s quite impossible to fine tune a pitch bend with the pencil tool 'cause it just jumps between values, and I can’t reach the exact value I’m looking for. The question is: ¿Is there any way to set those values numerically? Same thing for velocity, I want to select multiple events and set them at the same value but the pencil only let me do it one by one (= pain in the ass).

Well, I hope I explained myself (sorry for my shitty english XD)