Help! Cubase 6.5 crashes on loading, "Gui resources" problem

My version of Cubase 6.5 crashes whilst loading GUI resources. Two error messages come up, first: “‘skin.srf’ is no valid skin file for this application!” and then “could not load GUI resources!” Occasionally when double-clicking the shortcut Cubase refuses to load at all.

This problem has happened once before, after restarting it had seemed to resolve. I’m at my wits’ end to be honest - got a couple of projects upcoming for which I need to score, can’t even access Cubase! I’ve messaged Steinberg official and have had no response… anyone got any ideas?

For ref:
Windows 7, 64-bit
Intel core i3
3.00gb RAM

You might try deleting the preferences. See here: Knowledge Base - they call it Initialising Prerences there…

So I tried renaming the Cubase folder as instructed in the initialising preferences link… same problem occurs, after which the Cubase folder is replicated (keeping my renamed folder) along with the subfolder Presets and the file Frame.xml. Any other thoughts?

From that error it sounds like the ‘skin.srf’ file somehow got corrupted. On my laptop here it is located in this folder:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\Cubase 7\Skins\skin.srf”

Obviously you are running another Cubase version, so you should look for it in the corresponding Cubase program files folder. You could try to do a ‘repair’ on the Cubase installation from the Windows ‘programs and features’ tool:

start → run → appwiz.cpl → press [enter]
Press the Windows logo key + R simultaneously → appwiz.cpl → press [enter]

You’ll need the Cubase DVD (or atleast the Cubase installation files) for this.

Ideally, this will scan all Cubase installation files and repair/replace any corrupted files, including the (probably) corrupted skin.srf file. Or if you have another computer with Cubase you can perhaps copy it from there. The file might even be found on the Cubase installation DVD (though not likely as it’ll probably be compressed into some cabinet file or something).

Good luck!

Cheers - that seemed to do it. I repaired via ‘uninstall/change programs’ and now works fine. For now…