Help Cubase 6.5 crashing constantly

I recently upgraded from Cubase 6 to 6.5 . The Cubase 64 bit version doesn’t work(hangs on trying to insert a VST instrument) and the 32 bit has to be closed forcibly using task manager each time I try to close a song to open another. If you are trying to work on more than one song like I am doing now, it is a nightmare. I am fed up of seeing the Cubase launch screen wish it could load faster like another DAW I am seriously considering moving onto if these problems continue. This really would sum up my frustration considering I was a very vocal Cubase fan to all my friends.
The support hasn’t replied for about 10 days so I thought I would come here. I would appreciate any help…Anyone else having the same problems?
I am on Windows 7 64bit, have an i3 processor based comp with 8GB Ram.

The problem is most likely associated with a 3rd party plugin. I can say that C6.5 has not crashed or hung once on me (both 32-bit and 64-bit) once I sorted through the VSTs and got them organized properly (using JBridge if needed).


Cubase 6.5 64 bit and 32 bit crashes on me 100% of the time when I have a Quicktime video in the project. Using windows 7 64 service pack 1. I dropped the cash and ugraded from cubase 4 which was very stable on XP. My current film will not be done using 6.5 Bummer!!! Come on guys I’ve been waving the flag for over 15 years for Cubase, please get this fixed, Stability is the most important thing in a DAW!!! Period!!! :cry: :cry:

I do use JBridge and my 32 and 64 bit plugins are organized into different folders. I am using the same plugins I was using with Cubase 6 (with which I didn’t have problems) maybe I just have to check out the Waves 9 update that I got recently. I do not use video in Cubase.
What is the average time for the Steinberg support to respond? The last time I dealt with them for a Halion upgrade I was happy with their quick response

I don’t even need a quicktime video in the project: the simple fact of having quicktime installed on the computer made C6.5 X64 unstable. Crash after crash (usually caused by 32 bit plugins or vstbridge or even jbridge), and after each crash a reboot was necessary (all windows of other applications started flickering with some weird colors). Did a system restore to a previous point in time just before the quicktime install: problem gone. After a couple of months, reinstalled QT because i bought the ASK videos, and the crashes reappeared immediately. System restore -> QT gone -> crashes gone.

If you have QT installed, try to uninstall and see if that makes a difference.

The only thing I have installed on this computer is cubase 6.5 and Quicktime Pro 7.7.1. No other plugins or programs that will run in a DAW. Unfortunately quicktime is as important as cubase for me as im composing to picture, so uninstalling Qucktime won’t do me any good, but thanks for the info, Hopefully Steinberg will look into this soon! :frowning:

Yeah, it seems like Cubase and crashing go hand in hand and its natural for it to crash, such a large program with loads of 3rd party plugins over time I have noticed and managed to get it to run smoothly by using Jbridge and just simply playing around with folders and dumping 3rd part plugins and testing them one by one. I still however get the crashing during exit error which corrupts my project so I can’t say I still have it running 100% but I do tend to work around things like this by saving 3-6 instances of the same project and re-open un-corrupted projects or move them in different locations, that seems to help too

6.06 here and my Cubase crashes EVERY single time I try to open a new project.
I am forced to close the Cubase process in task manager and restart Cubase if I want to switch to a new project. Ridiculous. Will prob roll back to 6.05. I am guessing your 6.5 update has the same bugs my 6.06 maintenance upgrade has

yep, me too. Particularly when i open score editor, it will crash. When I try to change the view size of instrument or midi editor it hangs and i have to force quit. I have no 3rd party plug ins at all, just cubase 6.5 thats it! Ive been using cubase since it was just a midi program, probably about 20 years and this is the first problem which is really p@#$&^g me off. Ive tried to search this but there is nothing useful i can find help please.

Please help…

If it is a plugin issue you could try without any plugins and then add plugins back in one by one until you find the culprit. I used to have these bad crashes but removed a bad plgin and been stable for months now

Cubase works here with Quicktime 772 installed. Could be the fact I don’t do video, maybe if I inserted a movie track it might go titsup. I think you could check your DirectX and your video drivers or even the Quicktime website for fixes to issues like this as well as here.