help! cubase 6 upgrade not working!

I purchased the cubase 6 upgrade (upgrading from SX2…which was an upgrade from SX1 years ago). When I try to activate cubase 6, I get a notice that says “no license available to upgrade from”. The SX2 license shows up on my USB key as a cubase SX2/OMF collection license.

what do I need to do to get this working? This is a drag, I was excited to get crackin on cubase 6 this weekend.

Have you updated the syncrosoft drivers?

Make sure that you have the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) installed. Click here to download

is this what you’re refering to, Split? Yeah, I’m pretty sure the eLCC thing is up to date.

When installing an update/upgrade, the new license replaces the previous license. This leaves you with a single software license after the update/upgrade has completed. You can also run your old software with this license. However, if you want to keep your old license, please purchase the full version instead of the update/upgrade version.

the quote above is from steinys website. Im guessing u can’t upgrade over top of an already upgraded license??? does that seem right?

Did you buy the upgrade package or did you buy the update package?
because the update(costs 149 euro) package lets you only update from :Cubase 4 or Cubase 5
and the upgrade(costs 499 euro) package lets you upgrade from :Cubase Essential 4/5, Sequel 2, Cubase SL 1/2/3, Cubase SX 1/2/3, Cubase SE 3, Studio Case 2, Cubase LE4/5, Cubase AI 4/5

I bought the $399 cubase 6 upgrade package (for use with upgrading from SX1 or SX2). I bought the full SX1 years ago and upgraded to SX2. The license on my dongle is a Cubase SX2/OMF collection license. I don’t know what that means but regardless the cubase 6 upgrade license won’t work on top of it. And I can’t remove the license (for whatever reason, I tried to revert back to just the SX1 license so I could try upgrading directly over top of that)

can someone at least tell me if you can activate an upgrade license on top of an upgrade license?

I guess if I can’t make this work I’ll have to jump to the full version of cubase 6? I don’t mind paying the extra $100 but something tells me I’m gonna be stuck with the upgrade version and I’ll be eating that $399.

I’ve been upgrading licenses with every new version since Cubase SL with no problems, I don’t understand what OMF means and if that has anything to do with your problems,you do have the latest elicenser software I assume.

Yes, the elicenser center is up to date

If I buy a blank steinberg license key, could I reinstall SX1 and then have the original SX 1 license on it, then upgrade directly to 6? though I don’t believe the original sx 1 has a 16 digit activation code. I still have the box and packaging but I don’t see anything besides a serial #

your SX2 license will have overwritten your SX1 license,activation codes are once only and will not work again, I would get in touch with Steinberg by phone or Email and see what they have to say.
Have you tried the various repair or recovery options in the elicense control centre ?
What does it say in your registered products list at My Steinberg ?

what os are you running ?


What does it say in your registered products list at My Steinberg

it says Cubase SX2/OMF collection license, then it has the activation code listed that came with the SX2 upgrade years ago.

I have two computers that I’ve tried it on. A newer windows 7 64bit PC (which is a fresh OS install and doesn’t have the actual SX 2 program on it.) The other PC is windows XP which does have the up to date SX2 installed. I run into the same problem regardless of computer

still no cubase 6…US tech support is waiting to hear from the developers in Germany. I guess they are stumped. My patience is wearing thin. I’m quite suprised that I’m the only one having this issue

FINALLY got it working! Steinberg had to give me an SX3 authorization code to upgrade from my SX2, THEN I could move from there to 6. Technically the cubase 6 upgrade will upgrade from SX2 so long as you bought the FULL version of SX2. If you’ve upgraded from SX1 to SX2 like I did and now have a collection license, you will have to go through Steinberg and get the SX3 code before upgrading to 6. But I’m guessing most people aren’t making big jumps in versions like I did.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in with help :slight_smile: Glad to be finally up and running.

I’m pleased you finally got it working.