HELP - Cubase 7.5 spontaneously adding many multiple markers

I did a search, I apologize if this has been previously addressed.

I am using Cubase 7.5 on a PC (Win 7, 64-bit). When I open a project I have been working on, it has added many, many multiple markers. Like, 15,000+ (seriously)…all at There seems to be no way to just select and delete them all from the “Show Markers” window, it will apparently only delete the ones currently on the screen (which maxes out at about 40 at a time). The project actually has only 12 markers…1)Why does it keep adding them, and in such ENORMOUS QUANTITIES?, and 2)How can I stop this and DELETE all 15,000+ without scrolling through every single page on the “Show Markers” window?

Thank you for any help!

This is a setting called Automatic Hitpoint Detection which I believe is turned on by default.
File > Preferences > Editing > Audio, and deactivate Enable Automatic Hitpoint Detection.