Help!!Cubase AI 8 can't pick up sound signal

I just bought a new Yamaha keyboard MOXf6, it came with a cubase AI 8 and works perfectly.
But if I connect my Alesis Io2 interface to cubase it can’t pick up sound signal. I set it up as per manual instructions but no luck at all. The annoying thing is when I used Ableton(DAW) it works perfectly.
What is the problem here. Is there any compatibility issue here???
Please help!!!

The MOXF6 has a built-in MIDI and AUDIO INTERFACE… I’m going to guess that the Alesis is also an Audio Interface - are you configuring your computer to use two audio interfaces? (This can be done on a Mac computer by creating an aggregate audio device).

I do not know the Alesis, but the MOXF6 can act as its own MIDI and Audio Interface (and it can do the same for one additional device connected to its 5-pin MIDI IN/OUT jacks and its A/D Inputs)…when using the YamahaSteinberg USB Driver. Without additional information about what type of computer you are using and what you want to accomplish, it is not possible to fully address your issue.

If you are using a Windows computer, you will be limited to just one audio interface being active at a time. This is not a major problem because Cubase does allow you to switch (hot swap) ASIO Drivers when you wish to use another interface.
If you are using a Mac computer, it does allow you to build a single audio device (Aggregate) that will allow you to activate both audio interfaces simultaneously.

Let us know.

Bad Mister
Yamaha Pro Music Division