Help! Cubase and Elicenser crash. [Solved]

I opened a project in Cubase 6. Added HSO as a virtual instrument. Closed program. Next time I attempted to open Cubase. system froze. On restart error message. โ€œThe server threw an exception.โ€ When I try to start the Elicenser it gets stuck looking for elicensers. No Cubase. No Elicenser. Cubase 6 does not open. Cubase 5 does not open.
Funny thing is if I put the E-licenser in my laptop everything opens fine.
Pray for me folks. Its getting hot in here! :smiling_imp:

If you suspect HSO then remove the dll file (hso.dll) from the VST directory where it is installed (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\VstPlugins).
If that does not help reinstall the eLicenser software.
The usb E-licenser key is not broken because you can use it with your laptop so this must be a software problem.

I wandered around lala-computer-fixing-land then reinstalled the E-licenser. Many thanks. :smiley: