help - Cubase Artist 6 - not listening to tempo track

Hi all - first post.

Cubase Artist 6 - updated to v 6.07 - I believe the latest version.

I create a simple one part MIDI project - the part will play with fixed tempo but if tempo changes are encoded into the tempo track and the project is directed to use the tempo track via the button on the transport panel it simply plays at whatever tempo it is initiated at with no changes (as encoded into tempo track). If I start the play back mid way through the MIDI part - by placing the song position cursor at a specific point - the system reads the tempo at that point (from the tempo track) but then continues to play at that tempo with no regard to the changes in the tempo track. There is no difference between musical or time based mode (with regard to the part) and there is no audio involved in the project. Tempo changes also have no impact on the grid. i.e. when radically changing tempo the project grid should change to reflect when notes are played.

I have another system (Cubase 6) available and the above processes work on that as I would expect (i.e. Cubase 6 listens to the tempo track when asked). I have also checked the preference settings on both systems and can find no differences between the two - apart from the self evident differences between Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6.

Many thanks for any help and/or suggestions offered