HELP Cubase dropping Audio

After a lot of time tweaking I’m getting pops and crackles on my template now.

I am certain my machine can run this template, I’ve seen machines with this build handle it. Between the Cubase / Kontakt / VEPRO configuration, there is something I am missing.

If there is anyone out there running an orchestral template (I’ve got 87 tracks in mine) on one Mac Pro machine, please chime in and break down how you do. I’m specifically looking for Cubase / Kontakt / VEPro settings.

Here are my specs:

Mac Pro (2010) 12 core @ 2.66 Ghz
OSX 10.10.3
Samples on SSDs
Cubase 8
Kontakt 5
Vienna Ensemble Pro 5
Woodwinds = Berlin Woodwinds
Brass = Spitfire Brass
Strings = Albion and Mural
Perc = Albion, HZ, and Spitfire Perc



I’m still stuck!

I’ve tried everything. Turned Multi-processor support in Kontakt on and off. Messed with the number of threads per VEPro Instance. Took the core audio buffer size up to 2048. Messed with the number of audio outputs per VEPro (running 4 outputs per instance now). I even downgreaded to Mavricks and traded in my Mac.

That’s right! The nice guy at PowerMax (Thanks Joe) let me return my 2010 12 Core 2.66 Ghz machine for a 2013 Darth Vader helmet quad core 3.7 Ghz I put 64 Gigs of Ram. Amazingly, the whole deal only cost a few hundred dollars extra. I’m still getting the same problem…dropped audio tracks. CPU usage in all instances of VEPro never tops 40%. VST perfomance meters in Cubase barely move.

I’m thinking the problem may be my Apogee Duet Firewire interface but the I have the updated drivers for OSX10.10 so I should be all good. What in the world could I be doing wrong?

Thanks for sticking with me guys.


Could it be your network cable(s), or hub? If the machines are not pegging, I would start looking at what else is running on the network. If possible, isolate the machines on their own physical network. You could really test it with a crossover cable and totally avoid a hub/switch. Just a thought…