HELP! Cubase events all out of alignment

Hi all, I’m getting desperate.
3x projects due tomorrow, many more on the way. (2x TV series)

I’m a new Cubase user, switched over from Protools after 15 years due to feature set in Cubase. It’s been a fairly easy transition up till today.

I opened a project file this morning and previous perfectly in time performances are now sped up. Some edit points remain at the same spot, but it means there are gaps and audio is playing out of time…

I managed to create a ‘in time’ version of the project by importing from various saves, but upon closing that project file and opening it again, now all that audio is out of time.

I looked in the pool for this project and it looks like some of the audio has the wrong tempo and time signature attributes. for example ‘Bass-01’ is 120bpm and 4/4, ‘Bass-02’ is (correctly) in 6/8 at 86bpm. I have tried changing these attributes but it doesnt seem to help.

Does anybody have a way to fix this? I am not sure what is going wrong but it is jeapoardising my future with Cubase as my working DAW, this is highly stressful this close to deadline. I’m only glad I was able to work quickly and have one spare day up my sleeves before delivery.

Thanks for your help

Sounds like

  • it could be Timebase problems. Musical vs Linear.,time,base

  • What is the status of Musical Mode for the files in the Pool?

Thanks for your reply, it doesn’t appear to be a timebase issue from what I can see - none of the files in Pool had musical mode activated.

Note that those functions/parameters are distinctly different.


musical timebase

Linear timebase

Musical Mode