HELP. Cubase is not recording guitar, no recording waves.


I’m brand new to Cubase and recording in general. I’ve recently downloaded Cubase LE 9.5 but I’m not able to record anything. I have my interface (M-audio M-track eight) plugged in and I have the drivers update so Cubase is recognizing it. I plugged my guitar into my interface and when I start a new track I get no waves when I hit record and strum my guitar. When I strum its picking up my guitar because there are audio levels moving up and down. also when I hit record and then try to play back just cause I get nothing.

Another issue I’m having is I’m getting no noise from my guitar through my laptop speakers if anyone knows how my audio preferences should be set up so I can hear it lol. Regardless of not hearing anything which is a setting issue I’m sure, I should still be able to record or get “waves” on a track.

Any info/direction would be greatly appreciated!
“Setting up your system” & “Audio connections”