Help! Cubase Pro 12 Saved Project Files Open up in Cubase Pro 11

I upgraded to to Cubase Pro 12 from Cubase Pro 11 today. Cubase Pro 12 opens and performs just fine, but when I save the new Cubase Pro 12 project, and then try to reopen the project by clicking the Cubase project .cpr file that Cubase 12 Pro created, it opens up in Cubase 11 Pro. When I right click the project .cpr file and select “Open with”, my only option is Cubase 11. Any help is welcome.

Once you open the Windows box that says “Open with” and you notice there is no Cubase 12 icon, did you look below and click on “choose another app” which will open explorer and then navigate to Cubase12?

Yes, I did select " choose another app" and navigated to Cubase Pro 12 and also chose “always open with this program”. It began to open, then froze. I terminated the launch via the task manager, then tried again and the same thing happened.

However, I rebooted my computer and it appears to be working correctly now.

Problem solved. Thanks for your help!


Open with is one time only use, if you want to change permanent right click on file u wish to open / Properties / Opens with (change) now choose program u want to use