HELP ! Cubase TRANSPORTS my loops

Just from a couple of days now, Cubase has decided to transpose my loops (some are 3rd party, but does the same with CUBASE content loops)…
SO… when I drag & drop, double click, import … any loop it will be in a different key in the arrange view track than it is in the Media Bay…
I’ve tried:
Change Root Key
Change Musical time…
Change the TIME to the loop’s

AUDIO>Advance> Set project Time from loop…
TimeStretch manualy + Audio Warp.

The funny thing is… IT was working fine just before and I have NOT done anything “strange” I think…
Can any one help, please!!

Loops just fall nywhere in the timeline, making it imposible to fit

It isn’t just a sample-rate mismatch, isn’t it ?

I don’t think so Louis.
I’ve tried that too.
In fact the same loops in same PC with same EVERYTHING work fine in MOTU, PRESONUUS, SONAR, ACID pro…
It’s really crazy. I’m using Ableton, right now… FINE as well.

Does this happen in any new project, or is it specific to a certain project?

If it happens with just one project, is there a chord track present that could transpose each loop to fit with the current chord?

THANKS ggmanestraki (I don’t know why I don’t get notification of answers…)
It happens with just project created as EMPTY with nothing at all in it.
Close the DAW, reopen and … same thing again.
I’m even rechecking the samples for bit rates and formats as suggested by Louis

Can´t see anything “wrong” and CAN work just fine with any other DAW!!1

(Hate this as I was an user of Cubase since the ATARI days and NEVER had a problem. Of course we did have an EXCELLENT Customer Support then… no anymore.)
THANKS a lot.

That’s weird. Is the transposition always the same? I mean do all samples regardless end up at the same key?

Pretty weird though. Have you tried starting in safe mode to check if it starts behaving? Do you remember when this started?

Maybe your Empty project has a “root key” option enabled.

I have tried most of those things, thankyou mates…
After long I think it has something to do with sample rates but, I still NOT sure exactly what it is