Help! Cubase won't construct audio images


I really hope someone can help me with this problem. I accidently moved my project folder before backing it up to a new folder. When I tried to backup the project this failed because I had moved the project folder to a new location so I moved the folder back to it’s original location. Now when I load the project Cubase cannot complete image construction there is no sound when I play the project. I have tried to locate missing files in the pool menu but Cubase tells me there are no missing files. When I try to create an archive I get an error message.


If there is no file of image of the wave, it should be created during opening of the file.

The file should play, even there isn’t the image file. Missed image file shouldn’t be problem. But no sound is of course problem. Are you sure correct settings in the VST Connections?

Same problem here. I moved an audio file in another folder and since then Cubase is not playing or displaying it, although the Pool doesn’t consider it as a missing file. Don’t know what to do, I wish there was a ‘replace file’ function in the Pool.

Could you send a screenshot of the Project window and Pool window with this project, please?