Help Cubase wont open REX files

Hello fellow cubase users,
I am running some older kit, I have win98 with cubase vst32 5 and recycle 2.5 and reason 3.0 .
If I create a rex file in recycle it will play in dr rex in reason but will not even open in cubase.
I dont have this problem if I just open a "ready made " rex loop from a purchased cd in this case the file will open in reason or cubase.
I tried to open a "ready made " file in recycle and then saved it. This file will still play in reason but not in cubase now.
In fact when I view the file in the import menu within cubase it wont audition and the sample rate and bit rate are both blank although you can see the file size.(I could do all this ok before I resaved it in recycle)
I downloaded the shared rex library from propellerheads and used the installer but this didn’t cure the problem.
As you may gather I am a bit of a beginner with all these programmes.
any help greatly appreciated.

Everything you’ve said points towards Cubase VST5-32 being unable to open files from the version of recycle that you are using. According to the Cubase VST 5 manual, it should open REX and RX2 files, but this is a very dodgy period in Steinberg history when ownership of the company and its products got very flaky, and your post suggests that your recycle is a Propellerhead product, rather than one of the original Steinberg branded versions. So maybe VST5 doesn’t support versions of Recycle from 2.5 up.

Have a look at the save/save as options in Recycle and see if it will save files in an earlier format. If so, try saving in an earlier format and see if that works.

Hi wesw ,
thankyou for your help,it’s really helpful to hear from someone who knows their onions . I will check out your suggestions, yes I do have the propellerhead products,if none of this works do you think it might be worth my upgrading to a slightly later version of Cubase ? saving my coins up as I write :slight_smile: