HELP! Cubase6, UAD-2, FP10

PC, WINDOWS XP, Cubase 6.07, Presonus FP10

Having a major issue with my setup as of yesterday.

Recently installed a UAD-2 PCIe card. After installation and authorization, I opened Cubase and loaded a few plugins to test drive.

There was no playback, not even the meters were moving. Same for iTunes, or any other PC sounds, they were not coming through my FP10 as usual. Updated my FP10 driver to last available, 5.13 I believe. Plays back, but falls in and out of sync. Re-installed the UAD-2 card, but didn’t help.

This is very frustrating and couldn’t have came at a worse time!
If anyone has any suggestions as to what this may be, I would REALLY appreciate it!


Hi Sparco… Hi everyone!

I wanted to let everyone know that we here at UA Customer Support have been working with Sparco directly on this issue. I wanted to post the reply I made to him in hopes that the information may help others with similar issues…

Sorry to hear about any probs with your system. The good… the UAD2 card is being recognized on the system. This means we have driver communication between the UAD2 product and Windows ( most important part of the integration ). Now as to why an interface would not produce sound when you have a PCIe card installed… this is more complicated.

My first advise for ANY technical problem is to contact UA Customer Support asap. This will allow us to work with you directly to find a solution quickly. The Forums are a GREAT resource of information and a wonderful place to discuss ideas… but I like to take these technical support questions offline and keep the forum more clear for ‘discussion’.

For your benefit and for the benefit of others who may be reading this I will offer some general suggestions for things to check which could help this situation.

System Conflict with another device:

If you do have other available PCIe slots then you will want to try installing the UAD2 card in one of these other slots and see if you have the same system conflict. I don’t know if you are using a PCIe->FireWire adapter for your FP10 but if you are then this could be a conflict on the PCIe bus. PCIe format should avoid the kinds of conflicts we all had to deal with using PCI products… BUT conflicts can still occur.

BIOS Update:

In all situations with Windows systems when there are issues with your UAD system it is advised that you update the BIOS for the motherboard. This update will allow for any new features that can help integrate the UAD and improve performance of your overall system.

RAM Overclocking/Timing:

Some users with Windows systems will adjust their RAM clock settings and timing settings in hopes of increasing performance. This will typically decrease the stability of the system and so UAD users should leave the RAM settings at default.

CPU Overclocking:

Some users with Windows systems will ‘overclock’ their CPU in hopes of increasing performance. This will decrease the stability of the system and so UAD users should disable all CPU overclock settings ( return to default settings ).

Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology:

For those who have Intel I5 or I7 processors you may have a feature called ‘Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology’. Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology is a feature that automatically adjusts the speed/clocking of your Intel CPU. It is recommended that UAD users disable this feature.

Well there you go folks… I hope this information helps anyone out there who may have similar issues.

As always if you have any questions PLEASE feel free to contact us directly here in Universal Audio Customer Support.

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