Help, Demoing Nuendo(ProTools guy)

Hello people,

I have some trouble finding the ProTools keycommands in my Nuendo demo.

There are no KeyCommand preset in my Nuendo, is this normal? I thought they where as I watched some YouTube videos.
I found a thread with a link for downloading the Key Commands but I can’t seem to import them, they are .xml file (Pro Tools KeyCommands.xml)

I also have another problem :

I have a MC MIX and my Nuendo sees it but it just doesn’t show the tracks.

Thank you for reading.


if on windows I believe you are looking at this folder

C:\Users(yourusername)\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Nuendo 10_64\Presets\KeyCommands

Same with me. I am on Mac, PT user Demoing Nuendo, interested in switching. I know where the folder is supposed to be, it just doesn’t exist. No Key Command Presets.

Answer is here:

download attachement, put it here on mac:
/Users//Library/Preferences/Nuendo 10/Presets/KeyCommands (30.6 KB)