Help! Device setup problem - Cubase 9.0 Pro

Hello everyone,

First of all, my father had always been the Cubase professional in the house. Unfortunately , he passed away two months ago, so I`hope someone can help me out with my Cubase 9.0 Pro problem.

I think I have a problem in my device setup or in the VST connection setup. I recorded some midi tracks with my synth, keyboard and VST instruments and that works very well. As soon as I try to record the midi track in audio tracks, it doesnt give any signal. The settings of my devices are quite complicated, therefore I dont dare to change anything without ruining everything.
This are my current instruments and settings: Keyboard = Tyros 3 on channel 2, Synth = Korg Kronos on channel 1, VST = Retroluoge 2 and Groove Agent. VST Audio System = Octa-Capture.
VST connections(I dont really understand this part), input/left = IN 1-2, input right = IN 1-2(2). Output/left = OUT 1-2, output/right = OUT 1-2(2) Maybe it is nessecary to mention that there also is a Steinberg Midex8 device(I dont think that this is the problem)

The strangest thing is when I record the midi track form the Korg Kronos in audio it gives a signal!?!? All other don`t. Can someone help me please, or at least tell me where the problem could be?

I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance.


Son of “Big Bear”(this account)

First of all, our sincere condolences, and welcome to the forum, if you haven’t been here before.

What you will need to sort out is how the audio output from your hardware synth is connected back to an audio input on your soundcard, so that Cubase can “see” it as an audio input. After that, you need to check VST connections (press F5) to see the mapping of physical audio inputs to “logical” audio inputs (“IN 1-2” etc.).

The area to check is “Audio Bus Setup”. In previous versions there was a very good “Gettign Started” guide which explained it better but I can’t find that in the online documentation.

You might screenshot your ASIO setup page from Preferences (looks like this) and post it here in order to help people diagnose the issue.