HELP! Dialog boxes opening off screen

Can anyone help with dialog boxes opening up off screen? I can see the bottom right hand corner but nothing else, I can’t drag them back, etc. Even the mix export progress box flies up there, the ‘Window’ box disappears up there.

Can’t use any of the Scope tools either.

If anyone can help - thank you in advance


download and try this one…

I’ve had that at various times, [although a lot more with Cubase than anything else].

Try right clicking on the monitor screen where the dialog box is, [if using more than one monitor that is], and change the screen resolution. You may need to try a few different settings but it should only take a minute or even less each time.

Take note of your current settings so that you can put it back to that when you’re done.

As far as preventing that from happening again, that I don’t know, but at least this may get you out of this particular jamb.

Let us know if that works for others’ sake.

Thanks guys. I just tried Mozizo’s suggestion and downloaded the Cubase Blender (or Cubics Blender).

Just by having it running in the background it seems to forbid dialog boxes and windows from going out of bounds without me doing anything. So basically, it works!

I think I’ll donate the $5 and start exploring it.

Thanks again for the help

ps…I did the usual ‘google thing’ and found nothing sus about it. Scanned it thoroughly - seems to be good

Yes - I also just paid the $5 for it and downloaded it as well.

Never knew about it until know.

Good thing you asked the question Musotim.

Thanks for the link there Mozizo.

you are welcome !
i mostly use it when this annoying out of screen dialogs are appearing… (i almost started to shake the screen to let the dialog fall down :laughing: ) it can drive me nuts its not possible to grab the damn thing, now just one move with keyboard and its all good :wink:

:smiley: lol

Anyone else install this thing and have an error message with it?

I get ‘Couldn’t Locate CTRL+ALT+Left something or another’.

Uninstalled & reinstalled it again, but same thing.