Help, difference between axr4 and ur816c

I bought the axr4u but due to its price I am not sure if I should keep it.
I enjoy its integration with cubase pro 10.5 and the clarity of its preamps.

Does anyone know if there is any actual difference between the two interfaces when it comes to ad/da quality?
Also, besides the rupert neve silk emulation, is there any significant difference between the the quality of the preamps?

Thank you,

I have an AXR4 and older MR816 and a UR 824 and the quality of the AXR4 is in a different league. I don’t think you’ll find a better sounding interface for the money.


Thank you for your answer. But specifically, why is the ad/da conversion better? And is there a difference in terms of preamps (excluding the silk feature)?

I don’t know why but I think the different AD/DA chips which are now fully 32 bit and the quality of the entire unit is in a different class. If you pick one up and look at it the AXR is heavy, and has a mesh top and you can see quality Japanese capacitors etc etc

I’d say the MR is a ‘prosumer’ interface and the AXR4 a truly ‘Pro’ one.