Help! Don’t know how to write this

Dear Dorico experts!

I’m helpless. I don’t find any hint or workflow in order to write one voice into two staffs
Please look at the attachment, I have to write this music exactly like this, but i struggle with the left hand sixteenth notes (with beamings, rests, …).
How can I manage this?
Thx in advance!

Difficult to explain on the move (though If you haven’t figured it out in the next few hours I’ll post up a tutorial when I’m home). The important thing is to start writing on one stave, then use M or N to switch the stave of existing notes to the stave above or below.

Thanks a lot!
With N I am able to switch one note to the upper stuff. :slight_smile:
Now I’m figuring out how to put in the sixteenth rest … :-/

You need to be using three voices. It doesn’t matter whether the voice that goes between the staves originates in the top stave or the bottom stave, but it should be a separate voice from the one that’s playing all the other notes in the bottom stave. You should end up with too many rests, which can be removed using Edit > Remove Rests.

I expect that it does matter whether the middle voice starts in the top of bottom staff depending how the composer expects the octave line to apply. Even of it does not matter, the octave line does add a complication to the octave in which the notes are entered.

I hope one can safely assume that the gap between each of the blue lines is a semitone.

Assuming this is the case, notes should be entered at the sounding pitch.