Help: Dorico 4.3.11 crashes each time, when selecting instrument in key editor

Hey Dorico team,
some great new features coming with the update, thanks for that!
Unfortunately some major bugs as well: when I select any instrument in the key editor (as described in the youtube video) Dorico immediately crashes without any warning:

DoricoCrash on selecting Instrument-Keyeditor

I’m using Dorico
on Mac OS Monterey 12.6.2 Macbook Pro 2,8Ghz QuadCore intel i7

Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here, Gregor.

Dorico (630.4 KB)
Here it is. Thanks for your quick response @dspreadbury

After I did reopen Dorico to export the diagnostic report, it asked me afterwards, whether I would like to reopen the old files.
When it asked me whether to activate the sound (and I clicked on “activate”) it immediately crashed again.
NO I tried it again clicking on “don’t activate it” and it crashed again…
basically I canno reopen the old file anymore without Dorico crashing always now.
Here is the second report after this happened
Dorico (627.2 KB)

Thanks for the log files, Gregor. We’re looking into them now. The crashes are in operating system code rather than in our own code, so it may be tricky to pin the problem down. We’ve not had any other reports of the instrument selector in the Key Editor causing this kind of crash, so there may be something specific about your specific setup that is triggering the problem.

Do you have multiple displays connected to your computer? Does putting the Dorico window on the other display help? Do you have any utilities installed that intercept keyboard inputs?

A system report might also be helpful: if you go to About this Mac and click the System Information button, then save the resulting .spx file, zip it up and attach it here, we could have a quick look through the names of the other applications installed on your computer in case anything jumps out at us.

Dear Daniel, thanks for your quick answer and help! It looks as if updating the system software helped: I tried in the meantime to do the systemupdate to OS Monterey 12.6.3
Now it seems to work.

But to answer your questions (if it would appear for somebody else again) I didn’t have any multiple displays connected or - as far as I know- not installed any other utilities that would interfer with the keyboard input.

OK, thanks for the update – please let us know if the problem recurs.

But congratulations still to the new features, hiding stems and noteheads is really a fantastic and very helpful feature for modern scores. :slight_smile: Just one question about that: is it possible to define as well a shortcut for “hide notehead” (as it is for “hide stem”)? Did I just not find it or does that not exist for any reason?

Yes I will, thanks, but so far it looks good :slight_smile:

Just one question about that: is it possible to define as well a shortcut for “hide notehead” (as it is for “hide stem”)?

As yet, no, there’s no equivalent command for this, but it’s something we will probably add in future.

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