HELP! Dorico 4 changing all of my 3.5 documents

I have tried opening my ‘carefully crafted’ Dorico documents created in version 3.5 in version 4 only to discover that numerous changes have been applied to various elements throughout each document opened so far. I have over a two hundred files created in Dorico 3.5 and I do not wish to spend valuable time systematically going through and changing back all of the things that have been changed on a file by file basis. Can anyone shed some light on how I can maintain the settings saved with each document please? Many thanks.

What kind of changes? I have opened hundreds of projects and not noticed any issues.

Hi Ben. Well, the bar numbers which are positioned above the notation stave have moved vertically upwards, the TAB clef that I created has also moved vertically upwards. Plus one of two other things. Each document will only take 5 minutes to rectify but I have a large amount of documents, so the time involved is considerable if I was to do this on a file by file basis.

And all of the documents were based on a master page I created which was also altered.


The problem may be the same as in this thread Dorico 4 - Glyphs stacking on top of one another in custom tonality system
Hopefully the next update will fix it. And IIRC Daniel advised not to „correct“ the files in the current version.

I think the problem is more likely the one brought up in this thread promptly after the release of 4.0.

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Certainly the vertical position of bar numbers is one such issue, and provided, Nick, you don’t re-save your projects in Dorico 4 after you open them in the new version, you will find that after the first maintenance update is released this week, the bar number placement will be correct. If, however, you’ve saved the project in Dorico 4 after having opened it, then you will need to manually reset those values.

The values in question are these ones, on the Bar Numbers page of Engraving Options:

They will all need to be set back to 0 spaces to get the same result as in Dorico 3.5.

It sounds as if you are saying that there is another way in which the projects differ in appearance in Dorico 4, but you don’t specify what that is. Please provide a specific example so we can ensure we know what the cause is, and whether or not it needs repairing.

Thanks for your reply Daniel. Looking forward to the update! One other problem I encountered was the movement of the tab stave clef which I created as I wasn’t satisfied with the
default font. You can see from the attached file that the word TAB has been moved vertically upward so that it isn’t spaced evenly between the top and bottom horizontal lines (strings). This in itself isn’t a huge problem, but when multiplied by 200 it is!

Into The Groove - TAB.dorico (995.1 KB)

I have already manually adjusted the bar numbers on this one so will need to reset after the update.

Could you not just restore a backup?

I haven’t opened more than a couple in the new format yet so not necessary. I’m hoping the update will remedy this.

Your 6-string tab clef is an imported SVG graphic. There have been some changes in the SVG handling in the underlying Qt framework upon which Dorico relies. Unfortunately it does appear that we’ll need to modify each of your project files to account for this, which I know is a pain. If you want to send me your project files, I should be able to write something that will automate this process to avoid you having to do it yourself manually to 200 projects.

Hi Daniel, Thanks for your kind offer. Since updating I have worked through and repositioned the TAB graphic on most of the documents.