HELP: Dorico 4 unable to unregister Steinberg License

Can anyone help urgently?
I bought a new MacStudio because Dorico is running so horribly slow, that on my pretty good MacMini it became absolutely impossible to work. (please can you somehow improve the performance, dear Dorico Programmers…? For huge scores its ridiculously slow)
I activated my new MacStudio with the Timemachine Backup of the old MacMini, so that the new computer has the exact same Data. So all progams work on the new macStudio, except Dorico, because of the annoying Steinberg License registration thing.
I assumed that this would happened and deactivated as described in the online help my Steinberg license on the old Computer.
But when I want to register on the new computer he always says " maximum of registrations reached".
When I look online in my profile under “products” it shows that there are three licenses active (the two other licences are of my two laptops, that are used by my two assistants which I cannot acces)
The Steinberg support is as catastrophic as always: I wrote them an email last friday, still no answer. During the german telefone support hours hours (10-12…2 hours a day…SERIOUSLY?) nobody answered now they are not available any more, the american chat support is still offline…
Can anyone help me and knows, whether there is a way, how I can deactivate online my licenses and reactivate them?
Dear Dorico Team, you are creating a great program, but can you find another team than Steinberg? The customers support of Steinberg is really the absolutely worst I’ve ever seen… completely unprofessional.

I have to finish a composition under extremely high pressure and now I cannot work for days, just because of this whole Steinberg registration system is absolutely not working. I tried to google and search in the forum but didnt find a post about my exact problem

Anyone knows what could help quickly?

Thanks so much!

Something here seems amiss: if you are using Dorico Pro, you can have three copies activated under the new system, so you must have authorized the program on other machines and the copy you cannot authorize is not your only way to finish your project.

Clearly you should be able to deactivate your old machine and activate your new one. I expect someone from the Dorico Team will chime in here soon and help you.

If you have not used your access to a trial/demo version of the software, you might be able to use that to get you past your deadline.

It is because you didn’t deregister Dorico before taking the TimeMachine backup. The license is tied to the computer and now, after restoring the backup to a different machine, it detects that you are on a different computer and blocks.

This might be annoying to you, but this is how tons of software packages these days work.

I assume you still have your MacMini available and Dorico installed, so open the Activation Manager on that machine and deactivate the license. Then take the TimeMachine backup again, restore it on the new machine and it should be able to activate without problems.

The problem is as I wrote:

“the two other licences are of my two laptops, that are used by my two assistants which I cannot acces”

So I only have this one slot free. But thanks for the idea with the 30 days version. I used that years ago with Dorico 3 I think, but maybe it lets me another 30 days with Dorico 4

This is exactly the problem: On the old MacMini in the actiavtion manager he says, that it is already deactivated, so there is no deactivation button any more, only an activation button. But if I look online in my steinberg profile, it still shows that it is used on three computers. So I wonder how I can explain him, that on the one computer it is not used any more…?

The Steinberg system is identifying the hardware of your pc.
If you log in, activate, deactivate and log out, the system should clear this activation.
This however only works if the third activation really comes from your old MacMini.

I had two Macs, both with Dorico, then had to replace one of them just recently, but for some reason 3 activations had occurred, presumably? because of an upgrade of one of them (even though neither are upgradable) and I could not find a way to deactivate, nor knew which activation related to which computer (one having two of them).
Reluctantly I contacted Daniel directly out of desperation as I need to get it activated, and he quickly dealt with it. I know he is so busy but trying to contact Steinberg somehow in any other way has been disheartening.

@GAM, I’d like to point out that it is not permitted within the terms of Steinberg’s EULA for a single-user license to be used simultaneously by different people: a single-user license is intended for your own use on one of up to three machines at any given time, not to be used by three different people simultaneously.

I guess you have probably contacted our support team to help with this issue by now, but if you require any assistance from me, you can contact me directly via private message here on the forum or via email.

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