HELP - Dorico extremely slow, becomes impossible to work

Does anyone in the forum know help, or can I send my file to somebody of the Dorico support?
I wrote a score for big orchestra and choir with a duration of about 80 min, but now in the end Dorico became so extremely slow.

Each singlle small step (just making a simple frame change, changing a note, or hiding a staff line) takes ridiculously long (about 30 seconds). If I activate the condensed mode, its completely out of controle, each step then takes often more than a minute to calculate so I decided not to use that tool at all, but still even without condensing mode, every steps takes infinitely long.

It makes it basically almost impossible to work. Is there any bug, or can one do something about to speed it up? It needs to stay all in one file, becase the layouts of the different movements depend on each other.

I have Dorico Version with NotePerformer and extra bought a very expansive quick MacStudio, 20core, 64GB RAM, 2 TB HDD, running on Mac OS 12.5.1
but it didnt’t help, its still slow, as if it would be a 20 year old computer.

And there is one other strange aspect: If I resave the file under a new name, it randomly doubles its size: one time the file is about 12 MB, then the next time suddenly 26 MB, then 13 MB, then 11, then 24…although I am just continuously working on it and making one small step after the other…??? There seems to be some serious bugs deep down in the code, no?

Any idea, of what one can do? I need to finish layouting the score under extremely high pressure, but each page takes about 15 minutes with this slowliness.
I am sure, that this cannot be seriously what the would be the normal expectation of how Dorico deals with bigger scores.

Dear Dorico Support, can I send my file to any of you, so that you could check, whats going on there? (don’t want to post my file here in public)
Here is my diagnostics zip.

Thanks for your help.

Dorico (931.6 KB)

You can certainly send the project to me, yes. My email address is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.