Help. Dorico freezes

Dorico freezes al 90% when loading a project.
I created a Diagnostics zipped file, but I can’t load it as attachments because is too large.
I’m stuck with an important job to finish!
Thank you very much in advance.
Stefano Rabaglia

Can you post the project file here and let one of us try to open it?

Is it also too big for an e-mail? Try sending the diagnostics to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. And if that does not do, I’ll send you via private message a log-in to my ftp server where you can upload to.

Does Dorico freeze when opening any project, or just one specific one? If it’s just one project, then chances are it’s a problem with the audio engine data inside that project. You could try following the steps described here to fix it yourself.

Just a quick follow up on this: The preferences option ‘Suspend audio device in background’ was the problem with Stefano.
So, if anyone else experiences Dorico freezing during project load, please try with unchecking that option.