Help - Dropouts & errors @ mixdown


Anyone experiencing dropouts @ offline mixdown ?
Got some trouble here on 3 different machines all running W10 64bit & N7.1.2.
All latest windows , steinberg & elicenser updates installed.

And no, realtime is not an option :wink:

Anyone ?


Hey Stevie,

The only time i have ever seen that, is when UAD had a bug that caused this behaviour.
Pretty sure it is a plugin, because normally the application has a build-in safety-feature.
You should get a message like “application has encountered a dropdown/unexpected …”
Don’t remember the exact wording, has been so long since I’ve seen it.


Can I please just ask why real time is not an option?
It might actually be quicker - surely you play back an offline export, yes?

What plugs are in use please, also what bit depth/sample rate etc?
Any heavy look-ahead processing on your master buss?
The more details the better…

Is this happening on three machines on different projects or is it the same project on three machines?

If it’s on different projects, are there similarities between them?

Have you tried taking out plug-ins one by one?

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the replies !

The errors happen on different machines with different projects.
What’s really strange is the way these dropouts occur.
On a mixdown, sometimes the voice over is gone for a split second,
but the music track underneath has no drops !

Samplerate makes no difference, drops occur @ 44.1 & 48K

I’m gonna do some testing with disabling plugins, starting with UAD2.
Other plugins on these sessions are Waves Mercury & Tonebooster.
(all latest versions)


I had exactly the same issues (short silences - random dropouts in vocal or other sub-track in a final wav), I’ve yesterday updated UAD to 9-1-0 version and it’s ok until now (will be more sure in a few days, as it happened sometimes, randomly)

had this once when using iZotope Dialog Denoiser. We have one machine running RX4 and one running RX5, so when switching projects between machines the plugin runs in “Demo Mode” and causes these silence drops.
It´s probably not what you were looking for, but since it occured to me and struggled with it for half a day until I realized… could be any other Plugin running in Demo Mode without you noticing.
Just an idea.

The plot thickens ! Did some more testing.
Things I tried …but…the drops are still there.

-Renamed the 64bit VSTplugin folder. So no third party VST2 plugins.
-Renamed the VST3 64bit folder in Common files. So no third party VST3 plugins.

Sometimes the drops occur only after the 12th mixdown of the same file.
All this happens on 2 different DAW’s both running the latest 64bit N7.
Apparently it only happens in sessions where there are realtime elastique pitchchanges,
and than still, it is completely random.

On this link 2 snippets with the mixdown error.
Anyone seen or heard this ?


Here also. It’s getting drive me crazy. I have had the same problem past year but it was corrected after UAD update, but now having the same issue with latest cubase 9.0.30 and latest UAD. I have noticed it also with 9.0.20.

  • I turned OFF all plugins in my vocal signal path and still having DROPOUTs (short pauses) in offline render
  • I tried to render short only short piece of audio inside problematic (inside locators) area only but dropouts does not happen, so its not related directly with audio material
  • I rebounced the track inside cubase and it helped - for this one mixdown, dropout disappeared - but it is not solution:(