HELP!! - editing preferences help

hi there!

need some help with an editing preference.

lets say i click on an audio clip and want to reverse it using th audio processing option. then a box comes up and save basically “do you want to do it to just this clip and make a new clip in the pool or do you want to do it to all clips using this audio from the pool?” also on that box is a little checkbox that would have said something like “dont show me again” or “do this everytime.”

well basically someone has done me a favour and checked that box. now whenver i process any one clip it will do it to all clips containing the same audio. how to i get it back to ask me every time again??

cheers in advance guys/girls. driving me nuts lol.

In Preferences, go to Editing > Audio. The bottom pref is “On processing shared clips” - turn that back to “Open Options Dialog”, that should do it.

nailed it thank-you!

cant believe i didnt see it. i checked that page twice but panic mode had blurred my vision.