HELP! Editor Windows Get Stuck Out Of Reach!

If i manage to size up an Editor window (Audio or Midi) to a size that is too big for the screen and then manage to move it up too far it will simply get “stuck” out of reach!

I’m thinking I must be an idiot to not know how to get it re-sized again… Anyone got any tips?

This happens to me ALL THE TIME. And when it happens it applies to all projects. The window is just stuck out of reach in all projects.

Cubase used to have a feature called “Cascade Windows” which helped re-set this. But steinberg have removed this for some inexplicable reason!!!

Here is an image:

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Do you have scroll bars at the extreme edges of the screen?

Nope. There is no way of getting to the lower or upper part of the workspace. No bars to scroll down or anything like this. (I’m using two screens with an extended desktop)

Even if i size the window and lock it to one of the screens I still can’t get a hold of the editor window.

It is simply out of reach.

Does this really just happen to me?

Try changing the screen resolution to drag it back.

When a satellite windows is higher than the main window, cubase will automatically add a vertical scroll bar on the right border side of your main window. If you can’t see the scroll bar, you have to move the main window so that you can see the right border of it.