Help! El Capitan install error

Hello everyone,

I recently bought a new macbook pro with the latest version of El Capitan on it. I’ve been using Cubase 7 artist for about 2,5 years now on my Imac and I wanted to install it on my new macbook, so I inserted the disc, but it said I needed to get the latest OS X version, etc.

I looked this up on the forum and I read that you either need to download an updated installer or some sort of Yosemite tool. I downloaded both, but neither work. Here’s what happens:

Yosemite installer tool thingy: When I use this, the install file actually works and it installs Cubase, but it doesn’t show up ANYWHERE in my files. I’ve tried this multiple times, but everytime it just says ‘Succesfully installed blabla’, after which I close the installer, but Cubase is nowhere to be found.

Updated installer (7.0.7) : this one just says I need a new version of OS X.

Could you guys please help me out here? One of the reasons I bought this macbook was so that I could record music on it using cubase, so it’d suck if I can’t use the damn thing.



Please, try to install newer Full installer, not the 7.0.0 version. If I remember, there was this kind of bug sometimes. If I’m right, you can download Cubase 7.0.30 (or maybe even newer) Full installer. Use this one, please. Then use the 7.0.7 updater, again with the Installer tool.

I have the same problem. I downloaded the installer but it still does’n work. It jumps directly to the installation, no e-licencer installation. And gives the message installation succesfull, but no Cubase to be found.


Do you use the latest ISO? There was this kind of issue with the very first Cubase 7.0.0 release.

Btw: What OS do you use?