Help: Elements 11 disable track and instrument track limit

Hi There!
I’m planning to buy Cubase Elements 11, as it is the only one I can afford now. But a limit of 24 vst instruments it’s a no-go for me. Anyone knows if, as long as I disable an instrument track, it frees for creating another one? That would be great! I could create a big template and enable only the instruments I would be going to use.
Any help is welcome.
Thank you.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

No, disabling track doesn’t free it, so you cannot add another track.

Are you aware, these 24 Instrument Tracks are multi-timbral, so you can use up to 384 sounds? Plus you have 3 VST Instruments (i.e. Rack Instruments), which are also multi-timbral, what means up to 432 sounds.

Oh Thanks man. I’ll check it out if this “multitimbral” way would work for my purposes.

Not all VSTis are multi-timbral, Martins talking about VSTis like Kontakt and Halion

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HALion Sonic SE is also multi-timbral.

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