Help! Elicenser control software old? wut?

I get this error. I have repeatedly uninstalled, restarted and reinstalled to no avail. I am supposed to have LE and have put my activation code in the Activation Manager and that seems happy until I try and open Cubase. I find getting started beyond frustrating. Please help.


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Steinberg Activation Manager (you mentioned) had been used by Cubase 12 only. But eLCC, you mentioned, has been used by Cubase 11 and older. Which Cubase version do you use, please?

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Hello Martin,
I havent actually "used Cubase yet. I am trying to get past the installation process. I purchased hardware from Allan and Health and it came with no instructions for installing Cubase. When I requested they sent me an activation code. So I downloaded whatever I could find. I am supposed to have LE and I have no idea what version. Shortcuts currently on my desktop are :
Cubase LE AI Elements and Cubase 11 AND
Cubase LE AI Elements and Cubase 12

I don’t know which version I am supposed to have… Thank you, I am so confused with this whole process…

You get the latest one, Cubase LE 12

If you have a Download Access Code enter it in the Download assistant.


I think I got it now! Many thanks. :grin: